(G)I-dle – The Most Promising Korean Girl Group

(G)I–dle is the latest Korean girl group that debuted in May 2018. The name of this Kpop group is short for Girl-Idle. Their first EP ‘I Am’ garnered more than 5.5 million views within the first week of its release. The hit song from this EP, titled ‘Latata’ debuted at #35 on the Gaon Digital charts and the album peaked up to #5 on the Billboard World Albums.

This KPop girl group consists of 6 members who were brought together by Cube Entertainment in April 2018. The members and their roles in the group are listed below.

Soyeon – The Leader, Main Rapper and Vocalist

G Idle Soyeon

Miyeon – Main Vocalist

G Idle Miyeon

Minnie – Vocalist

G Idle Minnie

Soojin – Lead Rapper

G Idle Soojin

Yuqi – Lead Vocalist and Face of the group

G Idle Yuki

Shuhua – Vocalist and Maknae

G Idle Shuhua

The girl group is an eclectic mix of performers from Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and China. They have released another Hit single ‘Hann’ in August of 2018 and it topped most domestic music charts. It debuted on the Billboard World Digital song sales at #2. They have achieved all this success in their first year of formation.

G Idle – Hann

Within 20 days of their debut, the girl group, (G)I-dle, received their first win on the SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’. There was no more looking back with MNet’s M Countdown win for ‘Latata’ and their 3rd win on ‘The Show’. The Kpop girl group has a great lineup for all their fans in 2019. They have announced their first travel variety show ‘To Neverland’ on the 4th of January.

We sure have a lot to look forward to from the girls of (G)I-dle. Keep watching this space for more exciting new of them.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images or music videos. I have sourced them all from Google and Pinterest.

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