UNB – The Korean Music Group Brought Together by The Unit

The latest trend in K-Pop musical genre is to form boy groups and girl groups from reality shows. They are known as ‘survival shows’ and one such show is ‘The Unit’. This KBS survival show helped create the 9 member K-pop boy group named as UNB. They are managed by the label  The Unit Culture Industry Company. This group was created in April of 2018 and has released 2 EPs and 1 live album since then.

Before you can get a taste of their music, let me give you a brief introduction to the members of the group. They are Jun, Euijin, Go Ho-Jung, Feeldog, Marco, Ji Han-sol, Daewon, Kijung, and Chan. They all have experience in the music and entertainment industry after having worked with different Korean groups earlier. In 2017, when KBS announced a new survival show that would create girl groups and boy groups with 9 members each. After 4 months, they announced the creation of the male group Uni+ B that was later renamed as UNB. The lineup of the group was as follows:

FeelDog: He is the leader of the group and he is the main rapper, and vocalist apart from being the main dancer too. He is a multi-talented artist and his talents include pottery, songwriting. He is especially talented at beatboxing, ceramic drawing, and basketball. He has acted in shows like Pure Love and Let’s Eat, apart from guesting in various variety shows too. He has also collaborated with other artists on songs like You Got Some Nerve.

Feeldog UNB

Euijin: Euijin is an expert dancer and his specialty is popping. He was initially a part of A.cian and later left the band to join the group Bigflo. In UNB, he does vocals and dancing. He is also a member of the popping dance crew called Da’onez.

Lee Euijin UNB

Daewon: Park Dae-won is the lead dancer and lead vocalist of the K-pop group. He is the former member of the group called Madmen. Since he became a part of the group UNB, he has become the positivity of the group by making everyone laugh. He has appeared as the backup dancer in multiple songs like EXO’s – Growl, Ladies’ Codes – Pretty Pretty and K.Will’s – Love Blossom. He also starred in the first episode of ‘But But TV’.

Daewon UNB

Marco: He is the lead rapper of the group and an accomplished Hip-hop dancer too. He worked as a model before he became of a member of the group ‘Hot Blood Youth’. Apart from rapping, Marco also does magic tricks and he co-wrote the song “Only One”.

Marco UNB

Go Ho-Jung: This multi-faceted artist was a former bodybuilder and he can play the guitar and the piano with good competence. He was earlier in the band ‘HOTSHOT’ before is participated in the Unit. He also appeared in Double K’s “랩운동” music video.

Hojung UNB

Ji Han-sol: This member almost made his debut with the band NCT when he was an SM Rookie as a trainee. He was later slated to debut for another upcoming band called New Kidd. Luckily for us, he won the Unit and debuted with UNB. He is the lead dancer and the vocalist for the group. His specialty is dancing and he appeared in music videos like Shine, I Need U, and Switch.

Hansol UNB

Jun: Jun is the Center of the group and he is also the lead dancer, main vocalist, and rapper. He was formerly a part of the group U-KISS. He also has a talent for acting and starred in  ‘A Wonderful Meal in a Strange Country’, ‘Avengers Social Club’, and ‘Goodbye to Goodbye.


Chan: Chan is the main vocalist and lead dancer. He was formerly a member of A.C.E. He was a soccer player during his middle school years and later shifted his focus to dance clubs. He has appeared on multiple music videos and was an MC for the show ‘Ginga Minga Aha Show’.

Chan UNB

Kijoong: Kijoong is the Maknae of the group. He is the lead vocalist and has a talent for beatboxing. Kijung worked with IM prior to joining the UNB. He is also known for having quite an appetite and loves eating.

Kijoong UNB

UNB debuted on 7th April 2018 with the Extended play, titled Boyhood.  This EP included songs like Feeling and Only You. This EP topped in Korea at #2. In the same year on June 28th, the released their 2nd EP, titled Blackheart. This topped at #7 in Korea. They also released their live album in August by the name ‘2018 UNB Fan-Con [LET′S BEGIN, UNME]’.

In 2018, they won awards at the Asia Model Awards for ‘New Star Award’ and Soribada Best K Music Award for ‘Music Star Award’. In 2019, they were nominated at Golden Disc Awards for ‘Rookie Artist Award’ and ‘Popularity Award’. All their fans are waiting for their next release and hope to see more awards.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images or music videos. I have sourced them all from Google and Pinterest.

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