YueHua’s New Group EVERGLOW

The year 2019 brings us the new girl group from K-Pop titled ‘EVERGLOW’. This kpop girl group has 6 members and is managed by YueHua Entertainment. In February 2019, they announced the new group and started to introduce all the members. The group mainly had girls aged between 19 and 21 years.

Here is a lineup of all the members:

E:U – Leader of the group, Main Rapper and Dancer

Sihyeon: Lead Vocalist

Mia – Main Vocalist and Dancer

Onda – Lead Vocalist

Aisha – Lead Rapper and Vocalist

Yiren: Maknae, Center, Visual and Lead Dancer

They girls have all taken part in Produce 101, Produce 48 and Idol School. The debut MV for EVERGLOW was released on March 18th with the single album titled ‘Arrival of EVERGLOW’. Check out the debut track ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’

The debut single appears to be very promising and we can watch out for more amazing songs and performances from them in future.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these images or videos. I have sourced them from Google and Pinterest.

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